<<May 2016>>

Minerva Local's Race to the Top

The Minerva Plan

For District and School Improvement

In 2008, Minerva was required to participate in the Ohio Improvement Plan (OIP). A team of teachers and administrators reviewed data and developed goals and strategies to improve student achievement and communication.

In 2010, Minerva applied for a Race to the Top (RttT) federal four-year grant. The Race to the Top program required districts to concentrate on a comprehensive plan that focuses on improving communication, aligning to new standards, and improving instruction.

In 2011, when Joe Chaddock became superintendent, he decided to combine these school improvement initiatives under one plan, The Minerva Plan.  The emphasis of the Minerva Plan provides goals and strategies for district and school improvement: 

Goal 1: Improving instruction through using data, aligning to new standards and implementing new evaluation systems for teachers and administrators.

Goal 2: Engaging students in meaningful work using high yield instructional strategies and improving literacy and math skills.

Goal 3: Providing improved intervention and enrichment programs for students. 

Listed below are some of the accomplishments of the Minerva Plan:

  • Purchased SuperKids literacy program for preschool through grade 2.
  • Purchased the Everyday Math Common Core Standards program for grades K-5.
  • Developed new intervention programs at the middle and high school.
  • Developed an enrichment program at the elementary school.
  • Increased advanced-level course offerings at the middle school.
  • Designed a new elementary summer school program that focused on literacy and math skills.
  • Provided professional development for teachers.
  • Implemented a pilot program on the new teacher and principal evaluation system.
  • Provided time for teachers to collaborate to improve instruction.
  • Increased student achievement at all levels with the highest report card rating ever, Excellent with Distinction!

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